Aimee the Chick is a yellow Squishmallow from the Easter Squad.


This chick has got quite the resume! From clubs to competitions to shows and more, Aimee is a busy bee both on and off the floor. In her spare time she plans events that she isn't even a part of and hopes to be in charge of red carpet events someday.


Aimee is a bright yellow bird with a pale yellow belly and round, white markings around her eyes. She has a triangular orange beak and fluffy, lemon yellow wings and crest of feathers atop her head. She has round, black eyes with short lashes.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad Size(s)
Aimee the Chick in Egg
Chicken in egg plush.
Aimee is emerging from a pastel striped Easter egg. Easter 5", 8", 12"
Aimee No Wings
Aimee with no wings.
Aimee with no wings. Easter 2019 12", 16"
Aimee the Chick
A yellow chick plush.
The white markings behind Aimee's eyes have been removed. Easter 5", 7", 11", 16"
Fuzzy Belly Aimee Fuzzy Belly Aimee.webp Aimee has a fuzzy belly. Easter 2021 16"
Egg Patch Aimee
Aimee with egg patch.
Aimee with an egg patch on her belly. Easter 12"
Aimee Closed Eyes
Aimee with closed eyes.
Aimee with closed eyes. Easter 5", 8", 12"
Aimee Cartoon Eyes
Aimee with cartoon eyes.
Aimee with cartoon eyes. Easter 5"
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