Analea the Caticorn is a purple Squishmallow.


Volcanos and earthquakes are scary to some, but Analea has been fascinated with them since her very first earthquake! She is going to school to become a geologist and can't wait to learn more!


Analea is a light purple caticorn, a cat with a unicorn horn. She has seven dark purple stripes: three on top of her head, and two on each side of her body. Her horn, a shimmering blue-green, protrudes from the center stripe on her head. Her inner ears are also a shimmering blue-green. She has a white muzzle that is triangular at the top and round at the bottom. Her nose and mouth are dark purple. She has two black whiskers on each side of her face, round black eyes with short lashes, and an off-white fuzzy belly.

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