Anya the Caticorn Mermaid is a purple Squishmallow.


Meet Anya! This curious Squishmallow loves swimming to the depths of the sea with her mer-gals where they go on all sorts of adventures. When she’s not on an underwater adventure, you can find her studying to become a real-life explorer, she wants to be an archaeologist.


Anya is a combination of a cat, unicorn and mermaid, and has features of each. The top half of her body is pale purple and she has large triangular ears. The inside of these are shimmery purple, matching her horn. Both the spiral on her horn and her nose and mouth are a soft periwinkle blue. She has closed eyes and two black whiskers on each cheek.

The bottom half of Gracie's body is covered in scales, which are patterned in pastel rainbow stripes. She wears a shell bra consisting of two heart-shaped, iridescent shells which are outlined in periwinkle blue.

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