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Archie the Axolotl is a pink Squishmallow.


Have you met Archie the Axolotl? This shy Squishmallow has a special talent – he talks with his hands! Archie loves to play soccer and even started a club for Squishmallows to play and learn Squishmallow Sign. Someday you might see him play in the Squishmallow Cup!


Archie has a pale pink color on his body with bright pink gills on either side of his head. He has small, stubby arms and a white belly. He has round black eyes and a cat-like smile.

In Archie's 8" plush, his pink body is brighter and darker, and his gills are made of a shiny pink fabric.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Hot Pink Archie
Hot pink axolotl plush with shiny pink gills.
Archie is hot pink and has shiny pink gills.

Archie also comes in a Cracker Barrel exclusive form. He would be a light flesh pink body with shiny gills and bright pink fur behind him. He has a curved smile and two black eyes he is only available in a 8" he also has two little arms. his bio is the same as the other Archie forms.