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Archie the Axolotl is an axolotl Squishmallow released in 2019.


Have you met Archie the Axolotl? This shy Squishmallow has a special talent – he talks with his hands! Archie loves to play soccer and even started a club for Squishmallows to play and learn Squishmallow Sign. Someday you might see him play in the Squishmallow Cup!


Archie has a pale pink color on his body with bright pink gills on either side of his head. He has small, stubby arms and a white belly. He has round black eyes and a cat-like smile.

In Archie's 8" plush, his pink body is brighter and darker, and his gills are made of a shiny pink fabric.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Hot Pink Archie
Hot pink axolotl plush with shiny pink gills.
Archie is hot pink and has shiny pink gills.
Cracker Barrel Archie Archie-hot-topic.jpeg The front of Archie’s gills are silver instead of pink. Cracker Barrel Exclusive
Rainbow Archie, BAM Archie, Walmart Archie Rainbow-Archie.jpeg Archie’s gills and belly are rainbow. BAM exclusive, sold at walmart in 14"


-Due to him being said to “talk with his hands”, another way to describe using sign language, it is implied that Archie cannot speak or is deaf. However, this may only be an interest and he can fully hear and talk.

-Archie is one of the most popular Squishmallows, especially peaking in 2020.