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Autumn the Black Cat is a Squishmallow from the Halloween Squad.


You could say that Autumn is not a morning person. Her adventure-seeking personality comes out as the darkness fills the skies. Autumn is one with nature, and travels all over the world from one Halloween to the next.


Autumn is a black cat with pointed, triangular ears. She has a light purple belly and inner ears. Her nose and mouth are pale pink and framed by two white whiskers on either side. She has round, black eyes ringed in white.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Autumn in Pumpkin
photo of cat half in pumpkin.
Autumn emerges from an orange pumpkin. Halloween Squad 2021
Silver Autumn, Monochrome Autumn
A black cat with silver belly.
Autumn's purple parts are replaced with sparkling silver. Monochrome Squad
Autumn Squish-Doo
A black cat with dual-tone hair poms.
Autumn has half-purple, half-orange hair styled in space buns. Squish-Doos