Babs the Blue Jay is a Squishmallow.


Meet Babs. She loves super heroes, sci-fi, and created her own superhero, Captain Blueberry! Captain Blueberry is a regular bird by day and solves crime by night. Now Babs just needs to create a sidekick, what should she call them?


Babs is a blue and white bird with fluffy blue wings and a pale grey beak. There are two shades of blue: royal blue on top of her head and on her body, and navy blue on the bottom part of her head. She has a white face mask which is shaped like an M, arching over each eye and dipping below her beak. Her belly is also white. She has black eyes and a pink blush on each cheek, as well as a blue line which stretches horizontally across her face, in line with her eyes.

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