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Brooke the Polar Bear is a white Squishmallow.


Brooke doesn't need to curl up by the fire during the holidays, because her presence is warm enough. Her sweet spirit is best received in the kitchen. She loves to bake yummy treats for her life time Squishmallows pals.


Brooke is a creamy white bear with round ears. She has a snow white belly and pink blush on her cheeks. She has round, black eyes, along with a black nose and mouth.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad Size(s)
Christmas Brooke
A photo of a polar bear plush wearing a beanie and scarf.
Brooke has a grey nose and belly and is wearing a black and red plaid beanie and scarf set. Christmas 2020 3.5", 12"
Sugar Skull Brooke
Brooke has a sugar skull mask and colorful ribs on her belly. Halloween 2021 12"