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Cam the Cat, full name Cameron, is a white Squishmallow with black and brown patches. He was one of the first eight Squishmallows to ever be released, and is actually listed as the first ever Squishmallow by Collector Number. He serves as the main mascot of the Squishmallows© brand.


Original: If you’re looking for a feline friend, Cameron’s your cat. He loves to jump in and out of boxes, build forts with his friends Hoot and Wendy and use his skateboard to get around town. Cam also loves going to the beach to take cat naps with his friends, but is always up for an adventure!

One day for his birthday on December 18 he wants to take a trip around the world! But for right now, he's set his eye on learning a new hobby - sailing!

Halloween/Costume Squad 2023: Cam loves jumping in and out of boxes! This year, he's pretending the boxes are caves. When this cat isn't dressed like a bat, you can find him napping on the beach, building forts, or hanging with friends. Cam is always up for an adventure!

McDonald's Happy Meal Edition: Cam loves to jump in and out of boxes. Who doesn't? He also enjoys going to the beach with his friends and taking cat naps. Add in some relaxing music for the perfect mix!


Cam is a calico cat, meaning he has a cream body and brown and black patches. He has one brown patch over his right ear, and two black patches, one on his left ear and the other on his lower left body. He has closed eyes, black whiskers, and a happy, pink cat mouth.

Other Editions[]

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad Size(s)
Cam Hug Mee
Cam Hug Mee
Cam in the style of a Hug Mee. (Uses original Squishdate) Hug Mees 10"
Cam Laying Hug Mee
Cam Laying Hug Mee
Cam in the style of a laying Hug Mee. Laying Hug Mees
Cam Stackable
Cam Stackable
Cam in the flat, stackable style. (Uses original Squishdate) Category:Stackable 5"
Tie-dye Cam
Cam tie dye
Cam's black and brown patches now feature a tie-dye pattern. 5 Year Anniversary Squad / Walgreens Exclusive 16"
Winking Cam
Winking Cam
This version of Cam is marked as Rare and depicts Cam winking. Squishdate: 12.20.2021 16"
Cuddler Cam
Cam Cuddler
Cam as a cuddler. Cuddlers 9", 16"
Giraffe Cam
Cam Giraffe
Cam wears a giraffe costume. Squishdate: 5.28.2021 Costume Squad 8"
Devil Cam
Cam wears a devil horn headband and devil wings. Squishdate: 2.18.2022 Halloween 2022 8"
Vampire Cam
Cam vampire
Cam has fangs and a red cape. Squishdate: 12.15.2021 Halloween 2022 5", 8", 12"
Cam w/ Santa Hat
Holiday Cam 2022
Cam is wearing a santa hat and a matching red scarf. Squishdate: 5.2.2022 Christmas Squad 2022 12"
Christmas Sweater Cam
Five below Christmas cam
Cam wears a Christmas Sweater Squishdate: 11.29.2021 Christmas 2022 4.5", 10", 14"
Christmas 2022 Cam
Hat cam
Cam wears a green snowflake hat and a scarf. Squishdate: 2.1.2022 Christmas 2022 4", 7.5"


Cam Valentines
Cam has a red heart with "Love" written on it. Squishdate: 4.12.2022 Valentine Squad 2023 12", 14", 16"
Blue Hoodie Cam
Hoodie cam (wth how many cams are there)
Cam wears a light blue, tie-dyed hoodie. Squishdate: 12.2.2021 Hoodie Squad 8", 12"
Monopoly Cam
Cam wears a teal tuxedo with a black pocket, buttons, and a teal bow. He also wears a teal top hat with a black stripe. Squishdate: 2.28.2022 Exclusive to Squishmallows x Monopoly Board Game 3"
Bunny Ears Cam
Easter 2023 Cam
Cam wears bunny ears. Squishdate: 5.3.2023 Easter 2023 8"
Peace Sign Cam
Peace sign cam
Cam holds a rainbow peace sign. Squishdate: 11.26.2021 I Got That Squad 8", 12"
Visor Cam
Cam with a hat
Cam wears a blue visor. Squishdate: 4.1.2022 7.5", 11"
Red Hoodie Cam
Red hoodie Cam
Cam wears red hoodie with a print reading Feelin' Mallow in all caps. Squishdate: 6.15.2022 Select Series 12"
Happy Meal Cam
Cam wears blue and green sunglasses with a matching fanny pack. McDonald's Exclusive 3"
SDCC 2023 Cam
Cam wears a denim jacket and a black shirt with a white Squishmallow graphic on front. He has a winking expression. Squishdate: 1.27.2023 SDCC 2023 Squad 8"
Witch Cam
Cam wears a purple witch hat with a black stripe and gold buckle, a witch broom is embroidered by his belly and he has a winking expression. Squishdate: 9.13.2022 Halloween 2023 3.5", 7.5", 8" 10", 12"
Hug Mee Bat Costume Cam
Cam in the Hug Mee style as he wears a bat costume resembling Joldy. Hug Mees / Halloween 2023 14"
Bat Costume Cam
Cam wears a bat costume resembling Joldy with a functional hoodie. Squishdate: 9.19.2022 Costume Squad/Halloween 2023 5", 8", 12"
Purple Beanie Cam
Cam wears a purple beanie with a lavender pom pom on top. Squishdate: 1.9.2023 7.5", 14", 16"
Trapper Hat Cam
Cam wears a cyan trapper hat and blue striped scarf. Squishdate: 1.19.2023 Christmas 2023 7.5", 8" 10", 16"
Feline Festive Hoodie Cam
Cam wears a red hoodie with a fuzzy rimmed hood and white drawstrings. Feline Festive is written on the hoodie in white with snowflake and pine tree designs. Christmas 2023 / Select Series 12"
'Mallow Mash Cam
Cam has a pumpkin body with a green stem, and he has a winking expression. Squishdate: 5.30.20223 Select Series / 'Mallow Mash 2023 12"