Cameron the Cat, also known as Cam, is a black, brown and orange Squishmallow.


If you’re looking for a feline friend, Cameron’s your cat. He loves to jump in and out of boxes, build forts with his friends Hoot and Wendy and use his skateboard to get around town. Cam also loves going to the beach to take cat naps with his friends, but is always up for an adventure!

One day for his birthday on December 18 he wants to take a trip around the world! But for right now, he's set his eye on learning a new hobby - sailing!


Cam is a calico cat, meaning he has a cream body and brown and black patches. He has one brown patch over his left ear, and two black patches, one on his right ear and the other on his lower right body. He has closed eyes, black whiskers, and a happy, pink cat mouth.

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