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Carmelita the S'more is a brown Squishmallow from the Food Squad.


Do you like manga? You should check out some of Carmelita's work. She draws black and white manga about school, her life, and adventures with her best friend Cinnamon. Don't worry about spilling any secrets, Carmelita uses code names for any juicy stuff.


Carmelita is a s'more, a marshmallow sandwiched between chocolate and graham crackers. Atop her head is chocolate that melts downward, resembling hair. The light brown pastry worn on her head has some dark brown circles dispersed throughout it. There is also a long patch of chocolate that stretches around her body near the top of her chest. Under the patch of chocolate is another light brown pastry, covering the rest of her body. She has closed eyes with short black lashes, a smiling red mouth, and round pink cheeks.