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Chanel the Cinnamon Roll is a tan Squishmallow.


Say hi to Chanel the cinnamon roll. She’s sweeter than your average pastry, and she’s a pastry chef who loves giving back! Chanel likes to volunteer with her free time at the local food pantry and teaches cake baking and decorating classes.


Chanel is a light brown pastry slathered in white icing. The icing covers her head and drips down her body, and has a brown swirl loosely in the shape of a heart. She has round, black eyes with short lashes and a red smiling mouth.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Valentine Chanel
A smiling light brown cinnamon roll plushie with two hearts stitched onto her stomach. She has white icing on her head that drips down her body with a brown swirl that is loosely in the shape of a heart. There are smaller red hearts dispersed throughout the icing and swirls.
Smaller red hearts are dispersed throughout the icing and brown swirl. Two more hearts are stitched onto her stomach. Valentine Squad