Clarissa the Unicorn is a rainbow Squishmallow exclusive to Claire's.


Clarissa loves the color purple and wearing sparkly shoes to school. She loves listening to her parents' records while painting in her attic - the music inspires a lot of her work. Clarissa is a hippie at heart, she loves bright colors, smiling faces and being kind to those around her.


Clarissa is a unicorn with rainbow stripes, primarily pink, yellow and blue, on a diagonal angle. She also has soft, white spots which resemble sparkles. She has white on her muzzle, belly and inside her ears, with fluffier fur than her body. Her multi-colored mane includes purple, aqua and hot pink. She has a shimmery, white horn with a tri-colored swirl matching the colors on her body. Her eyes are closed and she has long, curled lashes.

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