Daryl the EMT is a brown Squishmallow from the Heroes Squad. He is the EMT version of Daryl the Astronaut.


Meet Daryl. He's a first responder and is always there when someone needs help. Daryl has always loved helping people and loves his job as an EMT. Daryl has been in some scary situations but knows that staying cool, calm, and collected is very important. When you see the ambulance go by, make sure to wave at Daryl!


Daryl is a light brown dog with round, black eyes. His muzzle and floppy, triangular ears are chocolate brown, and he has a black nose. He wears a blue EMT uniform with a pale blue collar and a white shirt underneath. He has a walkie talkie clipped to the front of his uniform and a red stethoscope tucked around his neck. His uniform has a white badge with a red symbol on the right side.

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