Desmund the Dragon is a green Squishmallow from the Valentine Squad.


When it comes to cooking, look no further than Desmund! Not only does Desmund cook with the best spices and flavors, but he also heats up his steak with his burning hot breath. Everyone in his squad loves a special, home-cooked meal made by Desmund!


Desmund is an apple green dragon with a white snout and belly. His inner ears, wing membranes, horns and the spikes on his back are all shimmering silver. He has two large black eyes. He has a heart emblem on the right side of his chest which varies between sizes. In 3.5" it is a single red heart; 5", a small pale blue heart in front of a hot pink one; 11", a trio of hot pink, red and purple hearts and in 16", a large hot pink heart with a smaller candy pink heart on top.

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