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Emily the Bat is a black Squishmallow from the Halloween Squad.


Just like her older brother Bart, Emily loves space! Her dream is to become an astronomer so she can help name the new planets and stars that are discovered. Emily also enjoys studying astrology. In her free time, she uses her telescope to study star patterns and creates horoscopes for her friends.


Emily is a black bat with long, upright ears. Her inner ears, wings and belly are all dark grey. She has round, black eyes rimmed with white. Her red, smiling mouth is adorned with two pointed white fangs.

Other Editions[]

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad Size(s)
Emily in a Pumpkin
photo of bat half in pumpkin.
Emily emerges from an orange pumpkin. Halloween Squad 2021 8"
Silver Emily, 2021 Emily
photo of bat w/silver ears and belly.
Emily's grey parts are replaced with sparkling silver. Squishdate: 1.19.2021 Halloween 2021 5", 8", 12", 16"
Jolly Rancher Emily
Emily has purple inner ears and grey wings as she pops up from a half-opened Jolly Rancher wrapper. Hershey Squad / Halloween 2021 8"
Candy Corn Emily
Emily wears a candy corn costume. Squishdate: 1.25.2022 Halloween 2022 3.5", 4", 4.5"
Holographic Emily
Emily is a darker grey with holographic inner ears, wings, and belly. She doesn't have the white rings around her eyes and has a winking expression. Squishdate: 2.25.2022 Halloween 2022 8"
SDCC 2023 Emily
Emily wears a blue jacket with a purple hood and bottom trim with white drawstrings. The pocket has blue and purple stripes. Squishdate: 1.27.2023 SDCC 2023 Squad 8"
'Mallow Mash Emily
Emily has a spider web pattern on her belly. Squishdate: 4.14.2023 Select Series / 'Mallow Mash 2023 12"