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{{Squishmallow_Infobox|title1=|image1=Emmi.jpg|caption1=|type=[[:Category:Sloth|Sloth]]|color=[[:Category:Blue|Blue]] ([[:Category:Tie-dye|tie-dye]])|squad=|size(s)=[[:Category:5 inch|5"]], [[:Category:16 inch|16"]]|year=}}
{{Squishmallow_Infobox|title1=|image1=Emmi Transparent.png|caption1=|type=[[:Category:Sloth|Sloth]]|color=[[:Category:Blue|Blue]] ([[:Category:Tie-dye|tie-dye]])|squad=|size(s)=[[:Category:5 inch|5"]], [[:Category:16 inch|16"]]|year=}}
'''Emmi the [[:Category:Sloth|Sloth]]''' is a blue, tie-dye Squishmallow.
'''Emmi the [[:Category:Sloth|Sloth]]''' is a blue, tie-dye Squishmallow.

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Emmi the Sloth is a blue, tie-dye Squishmallow.


Pasta, basketball, and watching funny movies are some of Emmi's favorite things. She also plays guitar and loves to dance - this is one busy sloth! When she grows up, Emmi wants to be a news anchor.


Emmi's fur has a tie-dye pattern which is predominantly blue, ranging from ice blue to cobalt. She has sky blue markings surrounding her round black eyes, and her face is white. She has a fluffy, pale blue belly. Her snout is the same color with a sky blue nose and smiling mouth.