Esmeralda the Grocery Clerk is a tie-dye Squishmallow from the Heroes Squad. She is the Hero version of Esmeralda.


Say hello to Esmeralda the grocery clerk! She loves helping people at her store and knows how important it is to greet them with a smile and some sanitizer to keep them safe. Esmeralda used her love for art to decorate all the signs in the store, including a giant mural reminding the mallows to wear their masks.


Esmeralda is a unicorn patterned with rainbow tie-dye. She has a white muzzle, belly and inner ears. Her horn is shimmery pink with a darker pink swirl. She has round black eyes with short, curled lashes. She wears a pink shirt and light blue pants. She has a green apron over the top with a fresh produce in the front pocket.

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