Gwen the Unicorn is a pale blue Squishmallow from the Valentine Squad.


Meet Gwen! This unicorn is not your average Squishmallow. Gwen loves catching the waves at her favorite beach. She loves the friendly competition of the other surfers and has won many boogie downs by the water. Are you ready for a lesson from your favorite unicorn?


Gwen is a unicorn with a cloud-like pattern on her body, a blend of pale blue and white. Her mane, muzzle, inner ears and belly are white. She has a sparkly sky blue horn with a blue spiral. She has closed, happy eyes with curled lashes. She has the phrase "UNI TASTIC" embroidered on her belly in blue with a pink heart in the center. Her 5" edition features the phrase 'XOXO' with a heart on either side instead.

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