Hallie the Narwhal is a purple and blue Squishmallow exclusive to Five Below.


Meet Hallie! This narwhal is quite the curious and enjoys a good mystery. She loves watching detective movies and pretending to help solve the case or playing detective with her friends. When she grows up, she hopes to become a super sleuth.


Hallie is a tie-dyed narwhal, predominantly purple and blue, but with traces of pink and a white belly. She has two fins on each side and a dorsal fin on her back. An elongated, sparkly silver horn protrudes from her head. She has sparkling black eyes with curled lashes and a smiling mouth.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Original Hallie
A photo of a tie-dyed narwhal plush.
Hallie lacks the typical Squishmallow shape, instead sitting flatter with a prominent tail. Released at Five Below in 2020 (without a name or bio)
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