Jeff the Beast is a red Squishmallow exclusive to Kings Island. He is based on one of kings islands first roller coaster "The Beast".


Meet Jeff, the park ranger! Because his size can be intimidating to other he is very shy and likes to keep to himself. He prefers a small group of close friends over large crowds. Being a ranger suits him perfectly as he is able to spend long stretches of time on his own in nature.


Jeff is a beast whose most noticeable feature is his enormous claws. He has large black claws sprouting from each paw, and steel bands on each arm. He also has black horns which sit above his red and orange ears. He has large, apple green eyes with cat-like slits, with fiercely angled grey eyebrows. He has a broad, grey nose and a small smiling mouth with tiny fangs. He has an orange belly with 'The Beast' written across the bottom.

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