Jim the Llama is an apple green Squishmallow. He is the younger brother of Tim the Llama.


Pack a bag and get to know Jim! He is the best Squishmallow to hike a mountain with or ski down the slopes on a sunny, winter afternoon. Wouldn’t it be exciting to travel the world with your best friend? Jim gets to do just that with his older brother, Tim. During the day, he backpacks through the woods, and at night, he is at different music venues supporting his brother’s dream.

Want to know a little secret? The brothers formed a band when they were younger; Jim on drums and Tim on guitar. Jim left the music scene to explore his love for the wilderness and water! His birthday is June 5th.


Jim is a llama with a light green body. Both the insides of his ears and the facial markings around his eyes and muzzle are cream. He has round, black eyes with short and straight lashes. His nose and mouth are dark cream, and he has a pale pink blush on each cheek.

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