Maritza the Cactus is a green Squishmallow.


Have you ever met a soccer playing cactus? Maritza’s the one for you! She’s the goalie on her team and they’ve won the championship three years in a row!

(Original) Maritza has her sights set on equality for the Squishmallow Squad. From the Sealife Squad to Fantasy, she knows all Squishmallows are equal. She wants to focus on treating Squishmallows fair when they move to a new place, especially if they're part of a new squad.


Maritza is a green Squishmallow with two uneven arms on each side. Her body and arms have thin, dark green stripes, and she has a round, white belly. She wears a pink flower on her left side. She has a winking face with her right eye closed, a red smiling mouth, and pink blush on her cheeks.

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