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Monica the Axolotl is a purple Squishmallow from the Easter Squad. Her clip and 20” is exclusive to Target, & 14” to Walmart. Her shiny gills is sold in Canada and Australia.


Playing the drums is all Monica dreams about, she just wants to rock! Though she doesn't have a garage to practice in, one day soon she hopes to pick up a pair of sticks and let the music take control.


Monica is a light purple axolotl. She has shimmery white gills with a purple frill on each side of her head. She has small, stubby arms and a white belly, as well as round black eyes and a cat-like smile.


Xho.webp Target Monica. (clip & 20”) D7E4D51D-2D9E-4422-82CA-4AE2C7A02E11.jpeg AUS/CN Shiny Gill Monica. (12”)