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Nadine the Arctic Fox is a white Squishmallow from the Christmas Squad.


Meet Nadine. This fabulous fox is the knitting queen! Nadine loves knitting and watching movies when it gets cold outside because she enjoys feeling cozy. She also loves scary movies, but she doesn't like to watch them at night. Whenever she gets scared she hides under one of the blankets she made, they help her feel safe. Would you like Nadine to knit you something?


Nadine is a creamy white fox with large, triangular ears. Her belly, the insides of her ears and the banded markings on her eyes and the sides of her face are all snow white. She has round black eyes, a triangular nose and two angled whiskers on each cheek. She has a pair of fluffy, white earmuffs with a pale pink band, as well as a matching pink scarf decorated with white snowflakes.