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Paige the Pumpkin is an orange Squishmallow from the Halloween Squad.


Many are sweet, but Paige is quite spicy. She is the little firecracker of her friend group, and loves to show it. Paige always takes the spotlight with her supportive Squishmallows pals front and center.


Paige is an orange pumpkin with carved features like a jack-o-lantern. She has triangular eyes and a broad grin with three prominent square teeth. There is a green stem on her head and a triangular, leaf-like pattern.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad Sizes
Paige with Hat
A photo of a toy pumpkin wearing a hat.
Paige is wearing a black witch's hat with a purple buckle and gold band. Halloween Squad 2020 8", 5"
Squish-Doo Paige Paige Squish-Doo.webp Paige has hair. Halloween Squad 2021 / Squish-Doo 7"
Monochrome Paige Monochrome-paige.jpeg Paige is black and sliver. Halloween Squad 2021 / Monochrome Squad 8"
Harvest Paige
Paige Harvest.jpg
Paige has a more standard Squishmallow face, with closed eyes & eyelashes, and a small smile. Paige also has red blushing cheeks. Harvest Squad 2021 8"