Rattles the Diamondback is a snake Squishmallow exclusive to Kings Island. The squishmallow is based on the roller coaster "Diamondback".


Rattles loves being a dance instructor. He is great at helping others to feel confident as he teaches them how to twist and turn on the dance floor! When not dancing, Rattles can be a bit clumsy. He's had to replace his cell phone three time already this year! Will you attend Rattles' next class?


Rattles is a western diamondback rattlesnake, a species of snake found in northern Mexico and the southern U.S. He is light brown in color with lighter brown spots. His belly is cream colored and has the phrase Diamondback embroidered on the left side. He has large amber eyes with slitted pupils, darker on top and lighter on the bottom. His nose, or upper jaw, is pronounced and has long, white fangs. He has an open mouth and a protruding, forked tongue.

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