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Hey Squishmallows fans! Welcome to the Squishmallows Wiki - we're so glad to have you!

Things To Do

Find Images

Head to the Needs Image category to see which Squishmallows don't have an image. The best pictures to use are from Squishmallows social media or online stores. The higher quality, the better! If you have mad editing skills, you can also use people's images from sites like Facebook and Mercari to create clean versions without a background.

Add Bios

Check which characters are in the Needs Bio category. The best way to find out a Squishmallow's bio is to look at photos of their tags, which are often included in selling/trading posts. Facebook, eBay and Mercari are the best places to start looking.

Add Details

In the rush to create as many Squishmallow pages as possible, details do get left out. You can help by checking pages and seeing if there are any details that you can add. Things to check include:

  • Squad (if the Squishmallow is part of a squad, is this included?)
  • Sizes (are all the available sizes listed?)
  • Year (when was this Squishmallow released?)

If you add details for the squad or sizes in the infobox, make sure you also add those categories to the page.

Add Missing Characters

If you're feeling confident, you can also add missing characters to the wiki by creating a new page.

Before you get started:

  • Check the Master List and the search bar to make sure the character does not already have a page.
  • Do not create pages for custom or fan-made Squishmallows.
  • Squishmallow collaborations such as the Star Wars Squad are listed together on one page and should not have individual pages.

When you're ready to go:

  • View another Squishmallow page and check how it is formatted. (If you like, you can copy the 'source editor' text from another page, paste it into your new page, swap back to visual mode and then just change the details for your new Squishmallow.)
  • Add the Squishmallow infobox to the page. Fill in as many details as you can!
  • Write a brief introductory sentence.
  • Add the bio details. Make sure the bio text is formatted as a blockquote (you can do this by highlighting the text and pressing ctrl+8).
  • Write a short description of the Squishmallow's appearance.
  • Add categories. Basically, each part of the infobox should have a corresponding category.
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