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Tally the Tabby Cat is a Squishmallow from the Adventure and Classic Squads.


You won’t be able to contain your excitement when Tally walks into the room. She continues to lift the other Squishmallows up with her role as a health and fitness coach. Need some motivation? Schedule a one-on-one with your favorite pal.


Tally is a grey tabby cat with a pale grey body with a white belly and darker stripes on her head and sides. Her nose, mouth and inner ears are pale pink, framed by black whiskers, and her eyes are closed.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
Halloween Tally, Witch Tally
A photo of a cat in a hat.
Tally wears a black witch's hat with a purple band over her left ear. Halloween Squad
New Tally
A photo of a cat plushie.
Tally has open eyes and a white muzzle. Kidstuff Australia release (8")
Vampire Tally
A photo of a cat plushie.
Tally has closed eyes, fangs, a Dracula suit and cape Halloween Squad