Squishmallows Wiki

Tim the Alpaca is a blue Squishmallow. He is the older brother of Jim the Alpaca. Some older versions of Tim are instead named Barry, who has his own unique bio.


Ever seen Tim before? You might not recognize him now, but you will!  He is one of the greatest leading guitarists of today. Want to join Tim on his next tour bus? He gets to travel all over the world alongside his younger brother, Jim! What’s his favorite kind of music to perform? Alternative rock! He loves celebrating birthdays, which is why his January 1st birthday is always poppin'.

Tim isn’t just a guitarist. He can play five other instruments! Pretty cool, huh? He went to school for music and plans on being a music director after touring.


Tim is a llama with a bright blue body. Both the insides of his ears and the facial markings around his eyes and muzzle are white. He has round, black eyes, and his nose, mouth and the blush on each cheek is pale pink.