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Wendy the Frog is a green Squishmallow from the Original Squad.


Welcome Wendy! Wendy's birthday is May 10, meaning her SquishScope sign is a Taurus. You can always find her out on the basketball court (she won the MVP award last year) or in the science lab, since chemistry is her favorite subject. She wants to be a famous scientist when she grows up and likes to paint pictures of her inventions.

She's an all around green gal, and is also very eco-friendly, always doing her part to clean up her community. Her favorite food is sushi, especially the avocado rolls and one of her other favorite hobbies includes gardening with her family!


Wendy is an apple green frog with a cream colored belly. Her eyes sit on top of her head, and are black rimmed in white. She has prominent nostrils above her smiling mouth, and a pale pink blush on her cheeks.

Other Editions

Alternate Names Image Notable Changes Collection/Squad
2020 Wendy, Red-eyed Wendy
A photo of a frog plushie.
Wendy has red eyes and a bright yellow belly. 5&Below edition available in 8", also available as a 5" flipmallow